Packing Up Christmas

So, today we’ve decided to take down all the Christmas decorations and get the house back to normal.  What is normal? If it’s not cleaning up after everyday life, or picking up after the cat & puppy… or the holidays it’s always something.  I don’t mind cleaning, but damn if it doesn’t get messy so fast.  I wish I had the money to blow on a maid at least once a week to have them come in and really scrub and clean once a week.  That sure would be nice and a bit helpful.

It’s been an absolutely beautiful day today and I figured I’d sit and chat at you for a couple of minutes before heading outside to do a bike ride.  I then have a bit more laundry to get done and get myself set for a bit of work coming this week.  Lots to do when I’ve got so many plans for the next month! Things are definitely picking up and I am soooo looking forward to a bit of fun work!!

Well, short one today … have a great weekend… see you again in the a.m.



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